The digital and collaborative
Decision-Making Platform

In the datalake generated by projects, EDWARD, 360° Cockpit for Executive Management, allows to prioritize and share useful information, in real time, to make decisions.

Visualize your Portfolio

EDWARD's dashboard displays, in real time, the status of your strategic project portfolio - focus points, solicitation level of the company resources and project maturity.

Qualify projects

An ID Card gathers all essential information for the project while ensuring a workspace between the different stakeholders. The ID Card displays and embeds standard or customized evaluation frames and a validation workflow, thus allowing you to make qualitative tradeoffs.

Enable easy decision making

The dynamic visualization of issues and the accessibility of the strategic-project portfolio allow for shared and documented decision-making.

View roadmap

By setting the target deadline for obtaining the expected benefits from the project, EDWARD automatically maps it within the portfolio based on the ratings you use to qualify your project.

Review Portfolio

By regularly monitoring how resources are consumed per project, EDWARD allows dynamic decision-making. EDWARD helps to make tactical decisions and highlights the resulting trade-offs.

Download the SPM flyer


Visualize the Program

The One-Pager displays in real time the status of a program, project and associated streams, based on useful, unique and consolidated information.

Manage your commitments

The ID Card gathers the information essential to the qualification of the project while ensuring collaboration among stakeholders. It synthesizes the commitments and helps to define: objectives, gains, teams, resources, budgets, change impacts, macro-planning, key milestones, criteria for success and the progress of the different phases.

Ensure an effective governance

The simplified representation of the organization of programs, projects and streams as well as the clearly defined roles of the actors makes the program lives more dynamic. It preserves as well the framework and enhances the contribution of participants.

by sharing actions in real time

The IDA (Information/Decision/Action) facilitates the implementation of actions, provides legitimate decision-making and allocates identified risks.

Keep an action-driven mindset:
a customized Home Page

The customized Home Page keeps contributors focused on their actions to be carried out: meetings, workshops and deliverables that fall within the project scope. It also displays the status of projects or streams in which the actors participate, thus preserving the sens of purpose.

Download the DCM flyer


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EDWARD was born from the association of great project management expertise and digital technology proficiency. EDWARD is the most suitable solution to Management Consulting and Project Management Office.